How Do I grant a user access to an Image?
The 1st step would to make sure that you have an image that you want to access.
I would 1st go into the Mage Group and add a Resource Group Called Math. This would be a Image Type and the Name would be Math, the owning User group will be my AdminTeam@mycampus. A group has now been created called Math.
Then in your Manage Images Under Edit Image grouping. I prefer the Check box Grid
To the Left in the Image table these are the Images that you have created you can either create a new Image Group or check off an image to a group. You can also add all of your images to the same group. For example, I created a group called Math. I am going to group my Mathmatica 7 and Maple 13 images in this Math Group. (I have already created both of these images) Both are Math software and I will check them in the same group. You then scroll down and hit Submit Changes.
Now will go to the Privilege Tree
I have our Privilege Tree by Department
I have my Tree Setup by Campus. I will check on my campus then Math Department
Once I am here I can then manually add to either Users (One person at a time) Or I can add to the User Group. We have used people soft to import users for our Classes. For example Math_2301 has 30 users. I am going to group the User Group Math_2301 and give them access to ImageCheckout. I will only click on Image checkout. I just want to give them that access only.
Move down to the Resources in the Privileges Tree
I’m going to now give it access to my VMware Vmguest Pool. I have called our pool my campus VMguest, I am going to check on Available. This will now make the selected Vmguest available to check out an image of my choice. The VMguest should be in the group type computer.
I am now going to add a group type Image. This will give an image that is available to this pool. I will then add my group name Math with the group type Image. I will then check on available.

Once this is done. I have made my Math Image under the Math Group available for my Math_2301 class.

Let’s say there is a student who isn’t listed in the class or a TA that also needs access to this image.
Go to the User in the Privileges at the Selected Node, you can manually add a user, don’t forget it needs to be there NET ID or ID @ their correct affliction. For example AD3421@Mycampus

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  1. Alex,
    Many thanks for the detailed notes; it was extremely helpful to me.
    Please note, it is worth noting that for newly created nodes, a schedule group (default is: allSchedules) will also need to be added under the Resources in order for reservations to be successful. Otherwise the user will be presented with the “Selection not currently available” message and the “View Time Table” button instead of the “Create Reservation” for the immediate “Now” reservation. Alternatively, the following message will be displayed if the user schedules a future reservation using the “Later” option:
    There are currently no computers available that can run the application you selected.” and the reservation will not be placed.