This page explains the process someone must go through to become an official committer to Apache VCL.

There are 4 steps you need to go through to become an official committer.

  1. Actively answer questions on the vcl-dev/vcl-user lists
    By answering questions on the community lists, you show an interest in the community. Your answers provide a metric of how well you understand VCL and how the Apache VCL community works.
  2. Sign an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA)
    To contribute any code or documentation, you must have an ICLA on file with the Apache Software Foundation. More information about the ICLA is available on the licenses page. Once you have done this, you should express interest on the vcl-dev list that you are interested in becoming a committer.
  3. [1] Contribute non-trivial code by attaching patches to JIRA issues
    Before being granted commit access to the code respository, you need to demonstrate some level of understanding of the code and some level of coding proficiency. This is done by contributing patches to JIRA issues. We realize "non-trivial" is a subjective term, but simple one-liner patches don't allow you to be evaluated at all. (Don't worry we need more committers; so we're not strict!)
  4. Be voted in as a new committer on the vcl-private list
    There is a private VCL list for members of the Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) to discuss whether or not someone should be given the rights of a committer. A formal vote must happen on this list for you to be accepted as a committer.

Once you have been accepted, your next step is to start contributing stuff!

[1] If you only want to contribute documentation, you can skip step #3. However, if you later want to start contributing code, you will still need to go through step #3 and have a new vote in step #4 before being granted commit access to the code repository.

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