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Copy Administrator Windows XP Profile to Default User Profile Via Bat Scripts. Once you have your Administrator profile and shortcuts and programs in Windows XP perfect. All users will want to see the same environments. Doing a profile copy to the Default user lets all new users get the same profile as the Administrator that was just setup.

1. Now as Administrator we need to create a new COPY profile.
Please download these 3 VCL scripts that will do everything for you. Bat 1 Bat 2 Bat 3

Download these files onto the VCL C Drive of the current Image environment

2. From the VCL Local Disk Drive C: Click on the 1.bat script. This will create a cloning account called profile with the password profile. It will ask you do you wish to run this file. Please click on Run. A Black screen will open and the VCL will log you off automatically.

3. Go back into the VCL web page. Click on current Reservations. Click on Connect then download and open your RDP file of your current create image. When you are prompted with a Log On to Windows Screen. Input your newly created profile from the downloaded bat file information For Example (User Name “profile” and password “profile”) * See steps 2
4. Once you log into the profile copy account. Go to the VCL Local Disk Drive C: Click on the 2.bat Script. This will copy the Administrator profile to Default users. Click on Run when prompted. You will see the profile being copied this can take more than a few seconds to complete. Wait for the cmd.exe to finish working, the script will automatically log you off this is normal.
5. Go back into the VCL web page and click on current reservations connect into the Administrator account for the current image Go to the VCL Local Disk Drive C: Click on the 3.bat Script
6. Click on Run when 3.bat prompts you to do this. This will clean up the copy profile automatically. When you are prompted with a ###Done### information. You are finished with the profile copy and delete.

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