1. State on the vcl-dev list what modification you'd like to make. Some
    background on why the existing codebase doesn't work in your situation would
    be useful. Remember, when you modify existing code, it affects work being
    done by other contributors, which can result in imposing additional work on
  2. Propose a plan on the vcl-dev list for making the modification. There may
    be others that want the same modification or something similar that can be
    incorporated at the same time. Those people can help develop the
    modification. On the other hand, the modification may have a very negative
    affect on some other part of the project. Also, this provides an opportunity
    for existing contributors (those who know the codebase well) to provide input
    on your plan. The plan needs to include how the modification will be
    maintained in the future - will you continue to maintain it; will existing
    contributors have to pick it up and maintain it?
  3. Create a JIRA issue to track implementation of the plan and start
    developing. This provides a way for others to track work being done on the
    modification and ensures information about the modification will be added to
    the CHANGELOG when the next release is cut.
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