If using a version of VCL prior to 2.4, please see Making a Reservation (previous to 2.4).


  • Select the environment you would like to use from the drop-down box:
  • If you have appropriate permissions and need to be able to disconnect from your reservation without the reservation timed out, you can check the box for Disable timeout for disconnected users (this permission is granted by adding users to the Allow No User Check user group)
  • Choose when you would like to use the environment. Select Now if you would like to use the environment immediately. Select Later and select a time in the future to schedule use of the environment.
  • Select the duration you would like to use the environment. The maximum amount of time you can select for the duration varies by the access level of your account.
  • If access has been granted to your account, you will see an At this time option. This may be used to create long duration reservations. Server reservations also allow the option of selecting an indefinite end time.
  • Click Create Reservation. The page is updated to include your new reservation. The status of the reservation will be Pending... until the remote computer has been prepared with the environment you selected. You can click on the Pending... link to view the progress:
  • Once the node is deployed, a Connect button will appear:
  • Click the Connect button to display information on how to connect to the reservation:
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