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This page describes the basic network layout required in order for VCL to function. It also describes the recommended network layout if a blade chassis management module is used.

At the simplest form VCL uses two networks

  1. Private - applies to provisioning modules where node is reloaded, esx, vmware, etc.
    • loading and boot strapping images
    • managing reservations, adding/deleting accounts, controlling the OS on the node
    • opens access ports on node for user requests on public network interface
    • image creation
    • DHCP serves fixed-addresses over this network to the eth0 adapter of the node
    • DHCP is run on the management node - prerequisite
  2. Public
    • user accessible
    • VCL can either use dhcp(preferred) or statically assign addresses to the node on the public network

The diagram below shows the simple layout:

Simple network layout

Blade Center network layout

The network using blade center is more involved by adding a 2nd private network.

  1. Private 1 - applies to provisioning modules, xCAT, vmware, etc.
  2. Private 2
    • allows management node to interact with blade center management module
    • provides scaling method for adding multiple blade center's
  3. Public - user access

The diagram below shows the suggested network layout when using blade center.

Blade Center network layout
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