VCL provides useful statistics about reservations made on the system. Statistic data is viewed for specified start and end dates, and given sufficient access, for a specified affiliation or compilation of all affiliations. If a user does not have access to select an affiliation for the statistics, the data for users of the same affiliation as the logged in user are displayed.

Data displayed includes total reservations, total hours used, counts of reservations broken down by deploy (load) times, unique users of OSes, and reservation counts for specific images. Some sample data is listed below.

Reservation information between 03/01/2016 and 03/31/2016:

Total Reservations:10832
Total Hours Used:69011
"Now" Reservations:10592
"Later" Reservations:392
Load times < 2 minutes:7885
Load times 2-6 minutes:2267
Load times 6-8 minutes:413
Load times >= 8 minutes:267
Total Unique Users:2478
Unique Users of VMware Windows 7:2118
Unique Users of VMware Windows 8:112
Unique Users of Ubuntu (VMware):91
Unique Users of Generic Linux vmware:268
 ReservationsUnique UsersHours Used< 2 min wait2-6 min wait6-8 min wait>= 8 min waitFailures
Agisoft PhotoScan Demo:11100010
Ansys 15 (Win7):1491767011 (7%)
Ansys 16.1 and SolidWorks 2015 (Win8.1 64bit):108382457335000
ANSYS Electromagnetics 15.0.11:4213762931000
Apache Spark (Ubuntu 14.04):69322650652429218 (1%)
ArcGIS 10.3.1 Desktop:25361572196183450
Arena 14.7:57181123401672 (3%)
Aspen 8.2 Version 3:2646537820654310
Atlas.ti:3721331125101 (2%)
AutoCAD 2015 64bit Windows 7:211820812010
AutoCAD Civil3D (Win7):249521211100
AWR Design Environment V.10 w/ Renesas PDK:21301100
AWR Design Environment V.12:7333984528000
BAE Precision Ag:592053234141010
Cadence SPB 16.6:1305714692271100
CentOS 6 Base (64 bit BareMetal):154242150000
CentOS 6 Base (64 bit VM):841061010
CentOS 7 Base (64 bit bare metal image):307799290011 (3%)
CentOS 7 Base (64 bit VM):51181347428102 (3%)
CentOS 7 with KVM (64bit BareMetal):11100010
centos_tunnel_mcnc:22031633514711683 (1%)
COM ACL 9 (Win 7 VM):101231807320710
COM IDEA 9.1.1 (Win 7 VM):7345194629209 (12%)
COM Sage 50 Accounting 2015 Edu. Ed. (Win 7 x64 VM):15911130020



0 - 30 Min:1111
30 Min - 1 Hour:579
1 Hour - 2 Hours:1074
2 Hours - 4 Hours:708
4 Hours - 6 Hours:293
6 Hours - 8 Hours:116
8 Hours - 10 Hours:113
> 10 Hours:15

Ending information:

Deleted:37(Future reservation deleted before start time reached)
Released:1023(Reservation released before end time reached)
Not Acknowledged:222("Connect!" button never clicked)
No Login:111(User never logged in)
End of Reservation:866(End of reservation reached)
Timed Out:1680(Disconnect and no reconnection within 15 minutes)
Failed:22(Reserved computer failed to get prepared for user)


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