A browser-sniffing tool (session or request scope requested, session scope advised).


BrowserSniffer defines properties that are used to test the client browser, operating system, device... Apart from properties related to versionning, all properties are booleans.

The following properties are available:

  • Versioning: version majorVersion minorVersion geckoVersion
  • Browser: mosaic netscape nav2 nav3 nav4 nav4up nav45 nav45up nav6 nav6up navgold firefox safari ie ie3 ie4 ie4up ie5 ie5up ie55 ie55up ie6 opera opera3 opera4 opera5 opera6 opera7 lynx links aol aol3 aol4 aol5 aol6 neoplanet neoplanet2 amaya icab avantgo emacs mozilla gecko webtv staroffice lotusnotes konqueror
  • Operating systems:win16 win3x win31 win95 win98 winnt windows win32 win2k winxp winme dotnet mac macosx mac68k macppc os2 unix sun sun4 sun5 suni86 irix irix5 irix6 hpux hpux9 hpux10 aix aix1 aix2 aix3 aix4 linux sco unixware mpras reliant dec sinix freebsd bsd vms x11 amiga
  • Devices: palm audrey iopener wap blackberry
  • Features: javascript css css1 css2 dom0 dom1 dom2
  • Special: robot (true if the page is requested by a robot, i.e. when one of the following properties is true: wget getright yahoo altavista lycos infoseek lwp webcrawler linkexchange slurp google java)

BrowserSniffer is now available in the SVN Repository!

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