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Articles / Blog Entries

  • TestingVelocity – Many people want to test their Velocity templates. This article provides ideas for different approaches.
  • "Velocity - An Overview" (Henning Schmiedehausen, – Slides and code from 2005 ApacheCon EU with an introduction and small code examples.
  • HackingVelocity (Will Glass-Husain, – Slides and code from 2004 ApacheCon demonstrating how to customize and extend Velocity.
  • BuildingSecureWebApplications (Will Glass-Husain, – Building a robust and secure web application with Velocity.
  • Velocity Rocks (Lance Lavandowska, – A follow up to an earlier article, where Lance redeems himself for saying "Velocity Sucks".
  • VelocityVersusWebMacro – The founders of Velocity were inspired by the WebMacro templating language. This article describes the similarities and differences with WebMacro.
  • YouMakeTheDecision – A detailed comparison of Velocity and JSP by Jon Stevens, one of the original authors of Velocity. (note: some of the issues discussed are a bit dated but this is still worth reading).


  • VelocityAndWeblogic – Paw Dybdahl ( describes how to create a Velocity web application hosted on WebLogic. Note: This approach uses the now-deprecated VelocityServlet. More recent best practice is to use the VelocityViewServlet from the Velocity Tools sub project.
  • VelocityAndSpringStepByStep – Supplemental information for using Velocity with Spring. To be read with the original document by Thomas Risberg.
  • VelocityAndSpringTips – Let's see if we can gather tips on using Velocity with Spring.

Case Studies

  • JspVersusVelocity – Nick Bauman compares a page implemented with JSP and re-implemented with Velocity.
  • XmlcVersusVelocity – Bojan Smojver shares some brief insights on Velocity and how it compares to XMLC
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