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Velocity-Powered Products and Projects

Velocity is a utility tool which can be used in conjunction with general applications which may or may not be web based.



Vosao CMS for Google Apps Engine

Vosao (vo-za) is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, make Vosao CMS a good choice for your web site software. Best of all, Vosao CMS is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone and designed to be hosted on the Google App Engine.


Essentially an XML transformation tool, Anakia uses JDOM and Velocity to transform XML documents into the format of your choice. It provides an alternative to using Ant's <style> task and XSL to process XML files.


Texen is a general purpose text generating utility. It is capable of producing almost any sort of text output. Driven by Ant, Texen uses a control template, an optional set of worker templates, and control context to govern the generated output.


XmlGen is and extension of Texen. XmlGen makes XML nodes available to the Velocity template. You can access XML elements by name, get their attributes value, select some nodes with an XPath expression or loop on an element list ...

GentleWare Poseidon for UML

GentleWare's Poseidon product uses Velocity as a template tool in order to generate Java code from UML diagrams that you design using their tool.

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[Xadra] [VelocityAdaptorServer]

The [VelocityAdaptorServer] is a very simple yet extremely flexible system for the creation of HTML-based Java Management Extensions[tm] (JMX) compatible management consoles.


Venus Application Publisher (Vamp)

Vamp is a user-friendly tool that helps you package, sign and publish Web Start/Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) software. Vamp uses Velocity heavily to create parts of the gooey (GUI) in XUL or HTML or to create documents such as JNLP startup files, web app config files or HTML info pages.


J/Top is an open source application for monitoring multiple servers running 'top'. It has an email notifier which uses Velocity for formatting the notification emails.


EnterpriseMetasearch is a customizable federated search engine product that uses Velocity for several internal text rendering tasks.


Eyebrowse is a Java Servlet browser for Unix mbox format mail archives.


Hazel is a Web Start/JNLP app catalog creator (jnlp2html). Hazel allows you to create your own Web Start/JNLP app catalogs. Hazel extracts all JNLP links from HTML documents and creates an informative, neat looking HTML document listing all WebStart/JNLP apps. Hazel uses Velocity as its template engine.

XJR : XML to Java via Reflection API

Project toolkit for XML <-> Java compilation and mapping. Among other things, compiles DTDs to Java class hierarchies. Will create XML documents from those hierarchies and others...


Velocidoc is a Velocimacro documentation tool modeled after Javadoc that allows you to generate HTML documentation for your Velocimacro libraries.


Scarab is an Issue/Artiface tracking system that has been developed on top of Velocity and Turbine and is available under an open source license.


Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit for building rich cross-platform, zero-admin desktop apps in Java. Luxor supports hand-picked Mozilla XUL goodies and also includes a ultra light-weight, multi-threaded web server, a portal engine, and Velocity as its template engine.


WebAmortization is a simple Java servlet that implements an online calculator for computing mortgage payments using the Velocity template engine.

Action Pack

ActionPack is a distribution of independent, but cooperating, opensource modules for web applications development.

JeeWiz : Enterprise System Builder

JeeWiz! uses templates to generate J2EE infrastructure code, deployment descriptors and build jobs. The result is good news for everyone on a J2EE project.


vDoclet is a Javadoc-based code-generation framework. It takes Java source-code, annotated with custom Javadoc tags, and uses Velocity templates to produce a number of output files. Templates are included for generating various EJB-related components.

Pump Servlet

Bojan Smojver's PumpServlet is an alternative to the core VelocityServlet to use as a baseclass for developing Velocity-powered servlets. See the documentation included in the download for more information. (That should motivate Bojan...)


EdenCRM is an open source java application for Customer Relationship Management which is designed specifically for small businesses. It runs on the desktop and does not require any server software (unless you want to have multiple users use a shared database for tickets and history entries).


Middlegen is a code generation tool for EJB 2.0 CMP/CMR Entity Beans. It's useful if you have a database with existing tables and you want to map the tables to Entity Beans. You don't want to write a lot of code. You want the code to be generated. The code generated by Middlegen relies on further processing by XDoclet to produce even more code (home/remote/local interfaces, primary key classes and deployment descriptors).

Roller Weblogger

Roller is server-based weblogging software - a web application - that is designed to support multiple simultaneous weblog users and visitors.


Spectacle Server is a 100% Java web component (to be deployed in a web app server like Tomcat/JBoss/SunOne/WebSphere) which offers high-performance, scalable guided exploration on sets of structured or unstructured data. Spectacle uses Velocity templates for the rendering of information objects in HTML, XML or other formats.

Cotsec Forms

Cotsec Forms is a framework for generating Forms based applications

JAG - Java Application Generator

JAG is an application that creates complete, working J2EE applications. It is intended to alleviate much of the repetitive work involved in creating such applications, while providing a means of quality assurance that the applications created will be of consistent quality.

Intellij IDEA

IDEA is an award-winning Java IDE that is used by at least some Velocity developers (smile) It uses Velocity for its templating for class and method comment templates.

Ivory Soaplet

Clever SOAP client framework that lets you use Velocity templates to construct the SOAP messages.


Velosurf is a database access tool for the Velocity template engine. It is meant for ease-of-use, genericity and efficiency.


Xkins is a framework that manages skins for your web application.

Cayenne O/R

Cayenne is an OpenSource Java Object-Relational suite that provides a runtime O/R framework and a Swing GUI mapping/deployment tool. Velocity is used as the engine for template-based class generation from GUI or Ant tasks.


XSDDoc is a documentation tool that automatically generates detailed reports from XML Schema definitions. XSDDoc transforms plain XML files into cross-referenced and hyperlinked HTML documents for easy website publication and collaboration among developers.

VPP - File Pre-processor

VPP provides general file preprocessing support based on the Velocity Template Engine and Ant . The core funtionality is provided as a filter for use with tasks that supports filter chains. Also included are replacement tasks for <copy> and <javac> that integrate support for preprocessing.

Struts Generator

Web application generator, based on the Struts framework.


ModelJ is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that uses code generation to create complete J2EE designs using the Struts and EJB frameworks.


VeloEdit provides an Eclipse plugin for Velocity templates.

Action Learning Environment (ALE)

ALE is an open source project for building experimental learning environments.

Hibernate Synchronizer

Hibernate Synchronizer is an Eclipse plugin to be used with Hibernate to keep your Java business objects automatically synchronized with your Hibernate mapping files.

codegen codegen is a java source code generation suite based on Velocity templates that generates source code in several different styles.

SysAid Free Help Desk Software

SysAid Web Based Help Desk Software – Help Desk, Inventory and Project Management.SysAid is software for organizations' IT (Information Technology) departments. It provides asset management, automatically scanning the organization's network and listing its machines. SysAid provides details on each machine (its hardware, software, history), and lets you remote control it. SysAid also provides help desk, letting end users use forms to submit service requests (error reports or calls for assistance).


DBSight is an J2EE RAD tool to create search like "Search Engine" style, or "Product Catalog" style, on any databases. Only simple SQL knowledge is needed. The search results are based on Velocity, which can be modified via web browser by the user to customize the look and feel. Online Demo is available.


RTFTemplate is RTF engine which is able to generate RTF by merging template RTF (model RTF source) with JAVA object (context). RTFTemplate use Velocity for merging template with JAVA object. With RTFTEmplate you can design your RTF model with MS Word by using MERGEFIELD, HYPERLINK and BOOKMARK. RTFTemplate can be used too in C#. This project is called NRTFTemplate.


AndroMDA (pronounced: andromeda) is an open source code generation framework that follows the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm. It takes model(s) from CASE-tool(s) and generates fully deployable applications and other components. AndroMDA is mainly used by J2EE developers for generating most of their Spring, Hibernate, EJB, WebServices, Struts, JSF and jBPM code. AndroMDA can be tailored to your own needs simply by editing Velocity templates.


WebJavenue is a Java web development resource that features two key artifacts: a reference application available both as a live demo and a downloadable project, and a step-by-step tutorial centered around it. For rendering, both the reference application and the website itself use Velocity, thus promoting good webapp design practices.

Church and People

Church and People is a web site that provides churches with community building and administration tools, such as online event registration, credit card processing, resource management, membership directories, private forums, an event calendar, e-mail tools, and more. Velocity was used during development to generate most of the application, from HTML to configuration XML to business logic classes, based on input from a domain-specific language created with JavaCC.

Hierarchical Inherited Rule-Interpreted XML

A dynamic XML Engine that creates dynamic DOMs built on dynamic rules and expressions in which Velocity may be used as the expression interpreter.

Velociowl, a reporting plugin for Protege

Allows the production of reports and other output from the powerful OWL knowledgebase editor of Stanford University.


A second generation wiki platform written in Java. It uses Velocity for the interface templates, and as the main in-page programming language.


Genuitec's MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench is a leading J2EE IDE in the Eclipse space. With a full-featured toolkit, MyEclipse utilizes Velocity for many types of code generation throughout the product.

ThinkUI SQL Client

ThinkUI SQL Client is a graphical program that allows Java developers to browse a database structure, edit data in the tables, issue SQL queries, and generate code (e.g. Java Bean, DAO, SQL queries, JSP files, etc.) based on customizable Velocity templates. Online Flash Demo is available.


B*Gallery is a Swing-based image publishing application. Users can create galleries of photos and publish the photos as static HTML pages using one of several built-in themes. Users can also create their own themes. The themes consist of Velocity templates which makes customization simple, even for less advanced users.

GT portalBase

GT portalBase is a platform for building web based applications that utilise a database. Velocity powers the user interface and custom templates, such as for invoice printing


High volume web publishing and workflow system for sports websites uses Velocity for every template.

Corporate Management Suite

Spider Strategies' Corporate Management Suite (CMS) allows large organizations to track key metrics, add corrective actions, and manage overall business strategy. Using proven tools like Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards, CMS provides critical performance data in real-time. The software is used throughout industry and government, including organizations as diverse as Starbucks Canada, the US Army, and the University of California San Francisco.


dotCMS Enterprise content management system.


Open source GNU /GPL ERP

Velocity Powered Websites

This is a list of public web sites that are created using Velocity. This, of course, is by no means a complete listing of all of the Velocity powered websites.



Created By

ice cream athletics uses Velocity templates to generate all its automated emails.

Personalized Yoga and Fitness clothing for Women - ice cream

Clickety View uses Velocity to generate all its content and emails. Its fast, flexible and simple to use.

CV is a shopping site. Loads of bargins and vouchercodes.

The Dynamic Advisor Site is a website for professional financial advisors. Velocity powers all content-related pages as part of the CMS. The Dynamic Advisor Site has already garnered awards from Dalbar as the "best advisor site in Canada."

10 nice looking Velocity powered web sites that are all built and maintained with the free OpenEdit content management system.Each page is dynamic, fast loading and search engine friendly.

JiansNet is a platform for searching and sharing information. With our cutting edge search technology and a growing user base, we let you search and share information easily. JiansNet even includes the Velocity questions and answers!


Every Boat uses Velocity templates to generate static caches of classified ads resulting in fast ad retrieval with no database connections required.

Every Boat Classifieds

An interactive card making game using Velocity, Turbine and Macromedia's Flash5.


Open source development tool suite.


Adeptra is a venture-backed private company that provides 2-way alerting solutions for personal electronic devices.

Adeptra Inc.

Webhelp is a company that provides distributed call center integration software and services for web and wireless technologies. WebHelp incorporated Velocity with their ETranscript component, so that events generated in a conference are rendered as MIME email and XML using Velocity templates.


Wood furniture factory site. The static content of this site is generated using Velocity templates, providing the benefit of simple deployment without the overhead of an online servlet container and database with the advantage of Velocity's ease of use for generating data driven content.

P.T.Jawasoft is a free guestbook service that uses Velocity templates for the site. More importantly the guestbook users have the option to create their own Velocity templates to render the layout of their guestbook.

Free APA format and MLA format citation machine. Parses visible and hidden html data to automatically generate bibliographic entries. Built on Velocity/Turbine.

StudioZ is an events space in San Francisco where artists of all types can promote their own events. We use Anakia with a custom style.vsl to generate the entire static website XML->HTML in a matter of seconds.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's 2002 Winter Olympic website was developed using Velocity.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Anakia-generated corporate site for Impress Software AG, producer of integration products and services.

Impress Software AG

Site of a German Birman Cats owners association. Static site generated with Velocity.


Site of a Dutch travel organization specialized in the caribbean - Dynamic site based on the CrossmarX Application Engine. Most pages are generated with velocity.

Site of a Sardinia tour operator specialized in Sardinian Local Turistic Experience - Dynamic site based on Tomcat Application Engine. All pages are generated with velocity.

Careington Dental Discount Plans. Online Enrollment application based on Struts, Velocity and Castor JDO.

Dental Discount Plans. Online Enrollment application based on Struts, Velocity and Castor JDO.

Dental Plans is an italian real estate portal developed using Velocity template engine.

Volvox Srl

A comprehensive directory of Java(tm) open source software, as well as an evaluation system that aids in the selection of open source software. Developed with Struts & Velocity.

Peoples Archive

Video (movie) website whose tagline is 'great people telling their life stories'. Soon to include Donald Knuth for those who are interested! Developed originally (badly) by my predecessor in taglibs, jsp + nasty java, now being converted (by me) into Velocity.

Employment site for job searches, posting jobs, posting resumes, and career tools. This MVC site uses Velocity to render its entire view including templated emails.

JMJ Media

The social Web 2.0 directory.

Jasper Software

Free subversion hosting and project tracking. Its proprietary MVC uses Velocity exclusively to generate its views.


Wahanda is the largest wellness directory and community on the web

Guo Juan's Internet Go School: audio lectures by professional Go players and other online resources (Velocity, Velocity Tools and Velosurf)

French online shipping and carriers comparison (Velocity, Velocity Tools and Velosurf)

French sportwear website (Velocity, Velocity Tools and Velosurf)

Frameworks that Support Velocity

This is a list of web frameworks that include support for Velocity 'out of the box'. While many web frameworks are being used with Velocity, such as the Jakarta Struts project, the following include support for Velocity within the package.




ActionServlet provides an easy mapping of user actions (HTTP requests) to methods of Java components together with automatic conversion of HTTP parameters to the values of Java types.


Click is a J2EE web application framework created for commercial Java developers. Highlights include: very easy to learn; event based programming model; high performance.


Expresso is a powerful, enterprise-strength web application development framework. Expresso extends Struts for developing database-driven web applications and adds capabilities for security, robust object-relational mapping, and many other services commonly required in web application development. Expresso can use Velocity for the view tier, as well as several other technologies.

Apache Turbine

One of the early servlet-based web frameworks, and currently in version 2.3.3, Turbine is a framework that allows experienced Java developers to quickly build secure web applications. Turbines primary templating technology is Velocity. It also supports JSP, ECS and others.


JPublish is a web publishing framework which merges the Velocity template engine with a content repository and application control framework.


Maverick is a Model-View-Controller framework for publishing web applications. It is a simple, minimalist framework which offers the ability to render views with JSP, Velocity, or XSLT directly.


Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database.


MyVelocityController is a simple Servlet controller (under the MVC pattern) which uses Velocity as its unique templating engine. It uses a set of templates to show HTML and another set to access a JDBC database.


Niggle is a Java class library intended for use in development of robust, maintainable web applications. The Niggle framework is designed to alleviate the repetitive, tedious details typical of those kinds of applications


OpenEdit is a platform used by web design firms for creating and maintaining web sites. It includes content management, eCommerce and blog editing tools and is built from the ground up with Velocity. Uses Spring for Java objects and actions and requires no database.

Panama Framework

Panama is an easy to use, fast and lightweight framework for creating web applications with Java featuring Velocity for templates and Ebean for persistance.


Restlet is a lightweight REST framework for Java that natively supports Velocity templates as well as FreeMarker templates, JSON, XML and other types of representations.

Scriptella ETL

Scriptella is an open source ETL(Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool. Its primary focus is simplicity. It doesn't require the user to learn another complex XML-based language to use it, but allows the use of SQL or another scripting language suitable for the data source to perform required transformations. Scriptella provides built-in support for Velocity templates in ETL files

Spring Framework

Spring is a layered Java/J2EE application framework, based on code published in Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development by Rod Johnson (Wrox, 2002). Specifically, it is a complete, lightweight container providing centralized, automated configuration and wiring of your application objects. It includes a flexible MVC web application framework which is highly configurable via strategy interfaces, and accommodates multiple view technologies like JSP, Velocity, Tiles, iText, and POI.


Tammi is a Java component based development framework and run-time container for applications supporting web browsers, mobile terminals and/or Swing based user interfaces.


VelocityWeb is a zero-configuration web framework for J2EE.It's easy to debug/unit test without J2EE server,create view with Velocity/Freemarker,create DAO with Apache Common DBUtils,SQL pagination,and transaction following TRANSACTION_PER_REQUEST.


WebWork is a web application framework for J2EE. It is based on a concept called "Pull HMVC" (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller). The basic idea is to separate the site programmers' and site designers' tasks. WebWork now supports Velocity with their 1.0 release.


web framework with java 1.5 - uses object injection, annotations , generics and reflection - support for templating, data binding, form validation (with Ajax/DWR), security, search-engine friendly urls and i18n - gui components like tree and tabbed pane - supports Apache Velocity, JSP and other technologies for rendering webpages.

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