Velocimacro Library

The mailing list often has questions/suggestions for for common macros. We'd like to gather the good ones here. (smile) Contributions are welcome!

  • VelocityGenericMacros – non-web macros, applicable in any Velocity setting, these might make use of the Generic Tools.
  • VelocityViewMacros – web-oriented macro and/or make use of VelocityView tools (using the recommended keys!)
  • VelocityStrutsMacros – applicable for VelocityStruts applications, and will generally but optionally use the Velocity-Struts tools (using recommended keys!).


  • document recommended keys for each standard tool
  • write plan/instructions for using the $XHTML setting for VelocityView and VelocityStruts macros
  • develop/document standard coding style for macros
  • develop/document standard way of documenting macros (maybe using
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