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VelocityView includes all of the GenericTools and adds infrastructure and specialized tools for using Velocity in the view layer of web applications (Java EE projects). This includes the VelocityViewServlet or VelocityLayoutServlet for processing Velocity template requests and the VelocityViewTag for embedding Velocity in JSP.

Default Configuration

The default configuration provided for VelocityView is here and here.


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VelocityView Object

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TODO: a writeup and link for this


  • AbstractSearchTool - For doing "searching" and robust pagination of search results. Requires you to create a subclass.
  • BrowserTool - For identifying the browser and features thereof requesting the template.
  • ContextTool - For convenient access to ViewContext data and meta-data.
  • CookieTool - For convenient cookie access and creation.
  • ImportTool - For pulling down textual content from a URL.
  • LinkTool - For easy building of URLs (both relative or absolute).
  • PagerTool - For doing request-based pagination of items in an arbitrary list.
  • ParameterTool - For easy retrieval and parsing of ServletRequest parameters.
  • ViewRenderTool - To evaluate and render arbitrary strings of VTL, including recursive rendering.
  • ViewResourceTool - For simplified access to ResourceBundles for internationalization or other dynamic content needs.
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