Logins on velocity.zones.apache.org

As a TLP project, we have our own virtual host running on Apache Hardware. This is a Solaris Zone, not a real virtual host, though.

If you are a committer on a Velocity project, you can request a login to this machine. Your login name will be the same as your Apache login id. To request an account, send a mail with your SSH public key to the Velocity PMC.

First login

After your account has been set up you should be able to log onto velocity.zones.apache.org with your Apache User ID using your private ssh key.

The initial account password is in your home directory in a file called .pw. Please change your login password first thing after logging in and remove this file.

Your Environmnent

Please set up your personal environment. This involves setting various environment variables such as JAVA_HOME or ANT_HOME but also your umask.

Please make sure that your umask is set to 002.

Becoming root

With your user account password, you can become root by running sudo su and using this password. The tricky part is finding the sudo command.

Path setup

As this is Solaris, it is strongly recommend to put at least /opt/sfw/bin, /usr/sfw/bin, /usr/ccs/bin and /usr/local/bin in your path.

Java runtimes

  • J2SE 5 is in /usr/java/bin
  • JDK 1.4.2 is in /usr/j2se/bin

Installed software

  • Ant 1.7 and Maven 2.0.6 are located in /usr/local/bin
  • Subversion is located in /opt/subversion-current
  • The Sun Compilers are available from /opt/SUNWspro
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