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List of companies that provide commercial services for Wicket.

Wicket Support Services

  • MG Solutions is a consultancy company owned by Martin Grigorov (Apache Wicket core developer) that provides services for Wicket development and training.
  • Shield UI Ltd. is a leading software component vendor, who also provides components and services for Wicket.
  • Jonathan Locke originated Wicket and provides consulting services.
  • JTeam is a leading Dutch solutions company and sister company of SpringSource, offering Wicket training courses in Holland and Belgium in partnership with jWeekend.
  • Zenika is a leading French training company, offering Wicket courses in Paris in partnership with jWeekend.
  • Wicket Support is a company that provides training, consultations and commercial support for Wicket.
  • Wicket Training provides training classes, on-site training, and consulting for Wicket (US-Based).
  • Jayway is a premier Java consulting group that via its Malaysian subsidiary provides services for Wicket development, especially running Wicket in OSGi environments.
  • Jayway DKis a premier Java consulting group located in Denmark provides services for Wicket development, course etc.
  • Skillsmatteris a leading provider of training, mentoring and project based skills transfer. Amongst other things, they provide Wicket courses.
  • Anyware Technologies is a french company that provides many training courses, including Wicket.
  • jWeekend provides consultancy, product development and weekday/weekend, expert training globally, in Java technologies, Scala, OO & also in Wicket, since 2007.
  • comSysto GmbH provides Wicket consulting and training in Germany in cooperation with jWeekend. Furthermore they provide consulting services in Spring and Oracle BI.
  • Doculibre Inc. is a Canadian company that provides Wicket support and development.
  • Componence India is an Indian company that provides Wicket support and development.
  • Xavier Hanin is a french independent consultant who provides services for Wicket development and training.
  • Curalia is Java consulting company that provides services for Wicket development.
  • The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center is a non-profit organization that is including Wicket in its extensive training programs.
  • Reaktor Innovations is a Finnish company that provides Wicket development and training.
  • Ralf Ebert is a German independent consultant who provides services for Wicket development and German Wicket training courses.
  • JointEffort is a small Dutch company that provides training, consultations and services for Wicket development.
  • Leverage IT is a small South African IT Consulting and Development company that specializes in the use of Java Open Source Technologies, Platforms and Frameworks, including Wicket.
  • XENTUM is a Polish company that provides Wicket development and support.
  • automaçã is a Brazilian company that provides Wicket development.
  • Genuco Systems is a company with offices in Hong Kong and Canada that provide leading edge Wicket development solutions as well as financial services.
  • Devotek IT is the corporate identity of Thomas Mäder. I offer contracting, consulting and training for Wicket and Eclipse (where I used to be a committer).
  • footprint e.K. / Jan Kriesten provides training and consulting with Wicket, Java and Scala. Jan Kriesten is located in Hamburg, Germany, but will be available on-site in other countries as well.
  • Studio M2J of Juan Moreno & a company located in Milan Italy offering Wicket development/J2ee integration, Trainig in Java and Wicket/Tapestry, Eclipse and hibernate, embedded solutions too.
  • 3FConsulting is a company located in Florence Italy offering Wicket development/J2ee integration and embedded solutions too.
  • Mystic Coders, LLC is a company that has developed Wicket solutions for many large to small companies and is available for consulting, developing, training and speaking engagements.
  • Metaprime is a Hungarian company developing Wicket web applications and offering consulting and development services, training sessions for small to medium sized teams.
  • Sonrisa International Inc. is an IT Outsource company providing Apache Wicket development and Wicket consultancy in Europe and the US
  • Richard Paul Wicket Consulting Services in the Greater Chicago Area.
  • Solvation Java & Wicket consulting based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Bouvet ASA is a Scandinavian provider of consultancy and development services within information technology. Bouvet has about 480 employees in 10 offices in Norway and Sweden.
  • Richard Nichols Offers Wicket consultation in Melbourne, Australia.
  • is a Turk company that provides consultations, training, and services for Wicket development
  • Rivièra Online is a French company based on the Côte d'Azur that provides Wicket development.
  • George Armhold is a Cleveland-area consultant specializing in Wicket, Java and SOLR.
  • C1 SetCon offers Wicket coaching and training in Germany, as well as general development and testing support.
  • Hartmann Software Group Denver, Colorado based company that provides Wicket and a myriad of other Java Framework training classes.
  • DevelopIntelligence - Customized on-site Apache Training for teams, with courses on Wicket, Tomcat, and other Open Source technologies.
  • Pink Ice Solutions is a Rotterdam (NL) based company specializing in building Software as a Service, B2B commerce platforms and B2C e-commerce - all based on Apache Wicket