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  • How to redirect to an external non-Wicket page
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This page applies to Wicket 1.3.

Normally, you'd use one of the following to redirect to a Wicket page:

setResponsePage(new FooPage(arg0, arg1));

If you're trying to integrate with JSPs or similar, you may need to redirect to a non-Wicket page. Do use then the RedirectRequestTarget where you can specify an url.

public void onSubmit()
    // Make sure no output for the current cycle is ever sent.
    getRequestCycle().setRequestTarget(new RedirectRequestTarget("/path/to/legacyJspFile.jsp"));


Note that if you just want to make standard anchor tag links to other pages, don't create a Link and use this method in the onClick() handler; instead use the ExternalLink class.

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