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  • Ideas for Wicket 8.0
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This page lists ideas what can be improved for Wicket 8.0.

These are only ideas. Some of them may not be implemented though. There will be a separate Roadmap page that will have only the ideas on which we agreed.
To be approved an idea has to be discussed first in dev@ mailing list. A patch and/or Pull Request increases the chance to get your idea in.

Depend on Java 8

Make use of Java 8 features wherever it makes sense.

  • java.util.Optional for AjaxFallback**   WICKET-6104 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • new DateTime APIs for wicket-datetime WICKET-6105 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Lambda API for Listeners (onClick, etc.) Done. See

AppCache for Offline-Support

See: Implementation on hold (with ServiceWorker)

Also See: (Integration into Wicketstuff - with example)

Stays in wicketstuff repo as long as there is not enough browser support (

Better monitoring ( WICKET-6120 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Expose hooks for better monitoring.

For example an integration with something like


Better SEO for stateful pages

Think of a way of encoding the page id so that it doesn't "pollute" the url.

Some applications currently need to use NoVersionMapper (e.g. Apache OpenMeetings) to avoid it.

Basic components for mobile devices based on HTML5

Support for basic video / audio capture for example.

Media Components ( WICKET-6025 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Generic resource reference to handle with media files located at the file system of the server (out of the box) (also for Wicket 7)


Server Push with HTTP2 ( WICKET-6194 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

We could provide native integration with different web containers to make use of their HTTP2 Push support, e.g. Tomcat 8.5+ provides org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationPushBuilder.

Possible implementation is to add code similar to httpRequest.getPushBuilder().path(encodedUrl).push() to org.apache.wicket.markup.head.JavaScriptHeaderItem#internalRenderJavaScriptReference().

The problem is how to decide whether to push a resource or not, because the browser may already have it cached, so the push will be a waste of bandwidth (

Articles explaining possible solutions for this problem:


Tomcat:  (Mailing list request:





When the official servlet 4.0 API has been finished and all servers are using it this line of code: has to be changed to the standard interface

Update WicketTester assertions

Take inspiration from JUnit 5 and improve WicketTester & Co.

New components


A component similar to ListView but using instead of java.util.List as a model object.

The idea is to be as lazy as possible. At render time the Stream will be "collected".