Life cycle

TODO Describe the life cycle of Wicket apps, sessions and requests.
See Request processing overview. It's not exactly description of life cycles but is related to that.

Custom Sessions

The wicket way of storing objects in your session is by extending the wicket session. For example if you want to store some kind of user object in your session, you would create a getter and setter for it in
your custom wicket session:

Add the property to your custom Session object.

public class MySession extends WebSession {
   public MySession(Request request) {
   private String myAttribute;
   // ... getters and setters

and override either of the following methods on your Application class:

public Session newSession(Request request, Response response) {
   return new MySession(request);

retreive the Session by

MySession session = (MySession )WebSession.get();

Custom RequestCycles

Describe how to use custom request cycles.

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