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"Using one part-time developer, we built a registration and banquet seating application in three weeks with Wicket. The application supported 20 users in real-time and seated over 2000 attendees. The client loved it, and it was probably the easiest application we've built and deployed.

-Nick Heudecker, System Mobile Inc."

One part-time developer (nights and weekends), first time using Wicket, built in site in a little over 3 months. Building this site would not have been possible with out the generous help from the people in ##wicket.

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When it came down to selecting JSF or Wicket for a new, fully systems-integrated web storefront for our company the decision was simple to make after spending a couple of days testing the waters with Wicket. With zero knowledge of Wicket and little knowledge of EJB 3.0 we were able to build the initial site in about one month. After the integration pieces between myself and another remote developer the app was completed in 2.5 months and is in production today - see it here!

We never could have had this kind of productivity with JSF or any other framework - thanks Wicket Team!

-Vincent Jenks, Agri Beef Company

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We used wicket to create a site for a goverment instiute, site is about employment and allows you to create various statistics.

Wicket allowed us to concentrate us on the right things, the design and functionality. See the gallery for the nice screens (smile) or why not try out the application yourself.

I like the model concept especially, also the ajax integration beatiful done. My guess are that Wicket increased our production with 50% or so.

-Nino Martinez, SAS institute

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