This is the second release candidate for Apache Wicket we have prepared for your pleasure. The number of issues fixed are decreasing as we are approaching the final release.

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We thank you for your patience and support.

The Wicket Team

Apache Wicket

Apache Wicket is a component oriented Java web application framework. With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex debugging and brittle code for powerful, reusable components written with plain Java and HTML.

Our migration to a top level project is now completed and you can find our website and documentation here:

This release

This release is the second in a series of release candidates releases until we feel confident to finalize Wicket 1.3. This is called a release candidate because we strive for API freeze. This means only bug fixes will be done on the 1.3 release from now on.

But one "new" thing has sneaked into this release and that is a new design of the examples. This is done in association with the Google Highly Open Participation which Wicket is participating.

Migrating from 1.2

If you are coming from Wicket 1.2, you really want to read our migration guide, found on the wiki:

Downloading the release

You can download the release from the official Apache mirror system, and you can find it through the following link:

For the Maven and Ivy fans out there: update your pom's to the following, and everything will be downloaded automatically:


Substitute the artifact ID with the projects of your liking to get the other projects.

Please note that we don't prescribe a Logging implementation for SLF4J. You need to specify yourself which one you prefer. Read more about SLF4J here:

Validating the release

The release has been signed by Frank Bille, your release manager for today. The public key can be found in the KEYS file in the download area. Download the KEYS file only from the Apache website.

Instructions on how to validate the release can be found here:

Reporting bugs

In case you do encounter a bug, we would appreciate a report in our JIRA:

The distribution

In the distribution you will find a README. The README contains instructions on how to build from source yourself and a list of all things that have been fixed, added and/or removed since the first beta release.

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 1.3.0-rc2


  • WICKET-682 - Update documentation reflecting the move (Wiki?)


  • WICKET-609 - Wicket should provide an easy method to generate absolute urls to bookmarkable pages
  • WICKET-745 - AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior triggered more than expected after a new Ajax rendering
  • WICKET-1032 - MarkupNotFoundException when fragment is rerendered during AJAX call
  • WICKET-1066 - Wicket-Ajax header always false with BaseWicketTester
  • WICKET-1093 - BaseWicketTester doesn't call detach() for AJAX requests
  • WICKET-1129 - ThreadLocal leak in new RequestContext code prevents clean undeploy of Wicket application
  • WICKET-1131 - AjaxEditableLabel: defaultNullLabel() should really be a defaultNullorEmptyLabel()
  • WICKET-1135 - XHTML validation failure for DatePicker
  • WICKET-1139 - Wicket html files do not have xml prolog
  • WICKET-1148 - AbstractTree utilizes Collections.EMPTY_LIST for a node's children container which causes errors when adding children
  • WICKET-1151 - Time fields in DateTimeField not required also when required = true
  • WICKET-1155 - WebResponse.redirect(url) calls response.encodeRedirect(url) which is formally not supported on JSR-168 and thus can result in a NPE
  • WICKET-1158 - DiskPageStore does not cleanup cache files after Web container restarts
  • WICKET-1160 - AjaxEditableLabel#setModel() is broken
  • WICKET-1162 - Use non-default namingPolicy when creating Proxies via CGLib
  • WICKET-1172 - FormComponentFeedbackIndicator and FormComponentFeedbackBorder is broken
  • WICKET-1173 - Border bodycontainer doesn't render a markup placeholder
  • WICKET-1174 - Wicket Tags confuse firefox on ajax request
  • WICKET-1176 - AjaxEditableLabel and AjaxMultiLineEditableLabel do not honour enabled status
  • WICKET-1186 - Ajax Memory Leak in IE
  • WICKET-1188 - <wicket:enclosure child="xxx"> bug when located as first level son of a non transparent border
  • WICKET-1191 - wicket-jmx ignores wicket.mbean.server.class property
  • WICKET-1196 - tag-namespace is not rendered for the markup placeholder tag
  • WICKET-1198 - NPE in IndexedHybridUrlCodingStrategy during encoding
  • WICKET-1199 - false positive or wrong unit tests unit tests when ajax is involved
  • WICKET-1202 - Wicket.Event getId() causes error in IE6
  • WICKET-1209 - WicketSessionFilter doesn't clean up the session thread local


  • WICKET-1097 - AjaxEditableLabel: Model change events not propagated from Editor
  • WICKET-1102 - Hello World example should use WicketFilter instead of WicketServlet
  • WICKET-1136 - Change log in Form.handleMultiPart() from error to warn
  • WICKET-1142 - Have <wicket:enclosure> check isRenderAllowed() to make it work in combination with authorization
  • WICKET-1145 - Patch for allowing <input type="search"/> to be serialized
  • WICKET-1147 - patch
  • WICKET-1150 - Allow 24 hours time field in DateTimeField
  • WICKET-1159 - IWrapModel implementations should implement detach method (calling the wrapped model), Also AbstractWrapModel shouldn't have an empty detach method (because it has to be implemented)
  • WICKET-1171 - Tolerate malformed If-Modified-Since header
  • GHOP-ASF-12 - Restyle the Wicket Examples

New Feature

  • WICKET-104 - Web Testcase for quickstart application
  • WICKET-1128 - Option not to use localizer cache in development mode.
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