Roadmap for Wicket 6.0

Use JQuery as backing library

Assignee: mgrigorov
Status: Done
Jira: WICKET-4236

Rework Wicket Ajax to use event registration instead of inline attributes (like onclick, onchange, ...)

Assignee: mgrigorov
Status: Done
Jira: WICKET-3367
See: Wicket Ajax

Add support for resource grouping/bundling and dependency management

Assignee: papegaaij
Status: Done
Jira: WICKET-4273

Rework IHeaderResponse to work with HeaderItem to make it easier to render new elements/attributes

Assignee: papegaaij
Status: Done

Add more programmatic support for web app construction via servlet 3.0 

Assignee: pete
Status: Done
Jira: WICKET-4350

Add support for @javax.inject.Inject

Assignee: contributor && mgrigorov
Status: Done.
Jira: WICKET-4307
TODO: decide whether to drop support for @SpringBean and Guice's @Inject

Add wicket-cdi module

Assignee: ivaynberg
Status: Not done. May not get done unless jboss drops seam artifacts into central.
Jira: WICKET-3969

Before RC1 rename packages so there are no overlaps in different

jars (OSGi friendly)

Assignee: mgrigorov
Status: In Progress
Jira: WICKET-4438

Replace AWT/Swing based Tree component with

Assignee: svenmeier
Status: In process.
Jira: WICKET-4240

Resolve as many tickets as possible with "Fix Version: 6.0" in Jira.

Status: In process.

Component queueing

Assignee: ivaynberg
Status: In progress
Jira: WICKET-3335

Native WebSocket support

Assignee: mgrigorov
Status: Done. Experimental
Jira: WICKET-4611
Docs: Wicket Native WebSockets