List of employers who are interested in developers with Wicket experience.

Wicket Employers

The Netherlands

  • XDEV (Hilversum, NL) uses wicket as a front-end for movie related portals, shops, websites and back offices (e.g. Familystars for Paramount). Do you have good java and wicket experience, please contact us.
  • Topicus Zorg (Deventer, NL) specializes in the realisation of innovative web-based applications in the care sector.
  • Topicus Onderwijs (Deventer, NL) specializes in the realisation of innovative web-based applications in the education sector: amongst others we have created Parnassys for primary schools, and Vocus for high schools. Some slides for Vocus can be found here.
  • Func. Internet Integration (Amsterdam, NL) is a Dutch company providing web applications and system integrations on a Wicket - Hibernate - XFire - Spring stack, mainly for the educational market.
  • Service2Media (Enschede, NL) Service2Media, mobile and web development in diverse areas.


  • Syncron Tech (FI) is a Finnish industrial consulting company.
  • Curalia (SE) provides web applications and system integrations based on Wicket, Spring, Hibernate, ServiceMix and internal solutions.
  • Bouvet ASA (SE, NO) is a Scandinavian provider of consultancy and development services within information technology. Bouvet has offices in Norway and Sweden

Czech Republic

United Kingdom

  • MX Telecom is a major player in the international mobile telecoms industry, and uses Wicket for various internal and client-facing systems.
  • CPG Logistics is a supply chain management to the pharmaceutical industry and it uses Wicket for several order management systems.


  • BlueXML (FR) BlueXML is hiring for a R&D project which mixes models, specifications and components to create a new paradigm to develop web applications in a more "sustainable" way. People with strong java and web skills are more than welcome.


  • comSysto GmbH (DE) comSysto is a german consulting company with a lot of know-how in Apache Wicket, Spring-Framework and Oracle-BI.

United States

  • Teachscape (US) provides professional learning tools through a platform that uses Wicket.
  • (US) is a travel/entertainment retailer (hotel reservations, tickets to shows, etc), focused on the Las Vegas market.
  • Cataphora (US) is a leading e-discovery and legal review software company located in Silicon Valley and is using Wicket for its web applications. Its careers page can be found here.
  • (US) Location based real time dating on mobile phones
  • Inertia Beverage Group (US) is a Software-as-Service platform for the wine industry. (Wicket-based platform is currently under development.)
  • CallFire (US) is one of the largest cloud telephony platforms on the web, we use a Wicket as the base for our new platform.


  • Islamic Design House (EG, UK) is a leading ecommerce website within the muslim community, the company is based in UK. Developers are required in Egypt, where most of the development occurs.


  • Genuco Systems is a leading edge software development company specializing in financial applications.
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