This page will some day contain information about how to test a wicket application using JMeter. For now it's only a placeholder for a sample test project, which includes a basic AJAX vs. Traditional request application and a JMeter file.

Run the application using

mvn jetty:run

Wicket and JMeter with Regular Expressions

Instead of relying on recording JMeter tests, you can try to create your tests manually. Dealing with the dynamic link URLs generated by Wicket can be handled by using regular expressions. Read more here: Wicket and JMeter with Regular Expressions

TroubleShooting Hints

Replay / running test



page expired

When recording multiple scenarios(that needs to run parallel or not in the same order as recorded), remember to close the browser between recordings. So you get a new session each time, that means interface suffix will start from 1 again. This also applies if you have been in a wicket page previously to a recording

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