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Getting Started with Apache Wink

Apache Wink consists of a main library and an additional set of dependant libraries. The Apache Wink distribution also includes an "examples" folder that contains all of the "example projects" referred to in this developer guide.

This section contains the following:

Getting Started with Apache Wink Overview

In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the Apache Wink SDK a set of example projects have been designed to help the developer clarify the underlying principles and usage of the Apache Wink.

Apache Wink Distribution Files

Get a version of Apache Wink from the web site ( ). There are several JARs in the distribution but not all of them are required.

/dist directory

The main Apache Wink JARs are located in the "dist" directory:

  • wink-common-<version>.jar
  • wink-server-<version>.jar
  • wink-client-<version>.jar

are the 3 main JARs. wink-common contains code that is required on both the server and client side. So if you only want to work with the server side code, you can use the wink-common and wink-server JARs. If you only want to build a client, you only need wink-common and wink-client.

  • wink-<version>.jar

is also provided as a convenient JAR that includes all of the Apache Wink code in one comprehensive JAR.

/lib directory

The lib directory contains JARs that may be required to use Apache Wink depending on your environment. You will need the jsr311-api which contains the JSR-311 spec API classes.

You will likely need to have SLF4J in the classpath as it is the logging framework used in Apache Wink. SLF4J is a facade which allows logging messages to be directed to many popular logging frameworks. See SLF4J's website for more information on which SLF4J implementation you may need.

If you are running in an environment that does not have JAXB (i.e. Java 5), then you will also need the JAXB libraries.

/ext directory

Extensions to Apache Wink are located in the "ext" directory. You can add the appropriate extension to expand the capabilities.

/examples directory

The examples directory contains sample code that demonstrates various features of the server and client runtime.

Getting started with an Apache Wink server application

See 4.1 JAX-RS Getting Started for information on how to write a Hello World JAX-RS application.

Getting started with an Apache Wink client application

See 6.1 Getting Started with Apache Wink Client for information on how to write a client.

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