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  • Making Releases
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  • Review Releases FAQ
  • Fix imports in all the .java files (Can be done easily using an IDE)
  • Remove Author tags in all files (@author)
  • Fix License headers in all files. (If you are using Intellij IDEA, "Copyright Plugin" is very handy)
  • Check NOTICE.txt, make sure any copyright headers from contributors show up there
  • Make sure each jar we ship has an entry in LICENCES.txt or equivalent (Axis2 uses a directory to store text files of each license)
  • Make sure we don't ship any snapshot jars.
  • if you don't have a PGP Key
    • Get yourself a PGP Key
    • Add your key to the KEYS file (example Axis2 KEYS are at / on If you have done releases for the same project your keys would(should) be in this file already.
  • Generate the release artifacts. For maven based builds this would be something like "mvn ... release" or "mvn ... assembly:assembly"
  • Run Apache RAT tool to uncover issues with the release artifacts.
  • Sign and generate hashes(MD5) for each of the artifacts of the release. gpg tool comes in handy for both these tasks. Further information can be found in the Apache release signing page
  • Upload the artifacts (along with their hashes and signatures) to the relevant place in the apache dist directory. The apache dist directory is /www/ in and automatically rsynced with mirrors. Note that it may take upto about 6 hours for all the mirrors to have the newly added artifacts.
  • Upload the site
    • Check out the site from the SVN (each project will have their site directory)
    • Add/update the pages (usually by copying over the new pages)
    • check in the site
    • do an 'svn up' in the relevant site directory. For Example Apache XmlSchema site directory is /www/
  • Check all the download links to work correctly. Note that the site might take about 30 minutes in some cases to appear correctly.
  • If the artifacts are to be used in maven
    • Upload the signed and hashed artifacts to the maven rsync repos. The m2 rync repo is /www/ More information about repos and their intended functionality is available at the apache repos guide.
    • Deployment can usually be done by 'mvn deploy' if the local settings are properly set. More information about deploying is available here
    • maven has a known problem on some platforms (for deployment) (bug report )
  • Send the release notes to the relevant mailing lists (It is good practice to send this mail with a PGP signature)
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