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  • Project Management Committee
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The Apache Project Management Committee (PMC) is the elected group which is responsible for project releases and the general healthy running of the various sub projects. If you have any project related queries, there are a number of public mailing lists for the individual projects and general @ ws dot apache dot org for broader discussions. However, if you feel need to discuss something private, you can contact the PMC on pmc @ ws dot apache dot org

  • Samisa Abeysinghe
  • David Chappell
  • Eran Chinthaka
  • Glen Daniels (current chair)
  • Jaliya Ekanayake
  • Anthony Elder
  • Paul Fremantle
  • Ryan Hoegg
  • Jeremy Hughes
  • Tom Jordahl
  • Susantha Kumara
  • Changshin Lee, aka "Ias"
  • Ted Leung
  • Steve Loughran
  • Julie MacNaught
  • Axl Mattheus
  • Sam Meder
  • Nirmal Mukhi
  • Srinath Perera
  • Daniel Rall
  • Scott Nichol
  • Sam Ruby
  • Anil Saldana
  • Aleksander Slominski
  • James Snell
  • Ian Springer
  • Davanum Srinivas
  • Deepal Jayasinghe
  • Ruchith Fernando
  • Ajith Ranabahu
  • Chamikara Jayalath
  • Saminda Abeyruwan
  • Steve Viens
  • Sanjiva Weerawarana
  • Jochen Wiedmann
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