Committer setup

XmlSchema deploys maven artifacts to the Apache Nexus instance. Committers must have appropriate credentials in their
.m2/settings.xml to deploy snapshots or releases. You will also need a profile named xmlschema_release to specify a few things:


Deploying snapshots

To deploy a snapshot (Apache committers only), run

mvn deploy -Prelease,fastinstall

That will deploy the latest snapshot along with the javadoc and source jar bundles to apaches snapshot repository.

Performing a release

For the most part, we now follow the same instructions that the maven team uses.

Update the RELEASE-NOTE.txt file, check it in, and and run these commands:

mvn release:prepare -Prelease,xmlschema_release
mvn release:perform

That will tag the release, update the poms, etc, and build it (off the tag) and deploy everything (including source jars, javadoc jars, and distribution zip files)
to the deploy.altRepository location and gpg sign everything.

Next, go to the Nexus repository and 'close' the staging repository.

Next, call the vote(s) based on that.

After the vote passes, you'll need to promote the staging repository.

Also, don't forget to copy the actual distributions to

The site should also be updated (and the present author isn't completely clear on that process yet).

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