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They love each other and there are thousands of kinds of expressions, the way love can vary, but the expression of the ultimate goal is to make love to each other feel your love, therefore, to express to surprise and to the other surprise, which requires a high tossing skills.

First of all, frustrating their own brain. To rack their brains for inspiration and creative design, especially the men and women in love, moved to the other, appear from time to time in their daily lives a little surprise is essential. For example, the sudden appearance of flowers, was invited to the party suddenly found itself in for the birthday celebration, and so on. Love must be sincere heart willing to torment, only to create common memories accumulate enough weight, the two will work into the wedding hall, will love forever.

Followed by frustrating their own wallets. Romantic, though good, may also have to spend money to create a romantic and, therefore, within our capabilities, and became impressed by tossing their hardest to grasp the most vexing problems, not only to make you love each other can be moved to strong, not make their own or even two people were hungry, particularly The couple married, couples often between stress and pressure will be exhausted, occasional small romantic absolutely touching.

Is once again tossing his feelings. Emotion is also a need for continuous innovation in, boring life would be dull and rigid time to numb the feelings between the two, or even appear Shenmeipilao. Some people will be stimulated to seek life to the colorful world outside marriage sightseeing tour. Their families and marriage is also needed in dire straits, even husband and wife bicker quarrel, but also a love of struggle, the swap is a kind of feeling.

Finally frustrating is their life. Love will need to continue to torment the innovative and creative, constantly torment of love can make love more solid. Sometimes, a few warm words written on the sticky, a little things people touched, or even people who never cook prepared a feast to you steaming hot food, will give the warmth of love. The two decades of life with profound feelings, love each other we must learn to constantly torment.
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