Extends excluded params in CookieInterceptor to avoid manipulation of Struts' internals

Who should read this

All Struts 2 developers and users

Impact of vulnerability

Possibility to change internal state of session, request, etc

Maximum security rating



Developers should immediately upgrade to Struts 2.3.20

Affected Software

Struts 2.0.0 - Struts


Zubair Ashraf of IBM X-Force

CVE Identifier

CVE-2014-0116 - Struts' internals manipulation via CookieInterceptor


The excluded parameter pattern introduced in version to block access to getClass() method didn't cover other cases and because of that attacker can change state of session, request and so on (when "*" is used to configure cookiesName param).


In Struts 2.3.20 the same exclude patterns were used in CookieInterceptor which are available in ParametersInterceptor. If you don't use CookieInterceptor you are safe.

Backward compatibility

No backward compatibility problems are expected.


If you cannot upgrade to version 2.3.20 immediately - which is strongly advised - don't use wildcard mapping to accept cookie names or implement your own version of CookieInterceptor based on code provided in Struts 2.3.20.

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