Themes can be selected using several different rules, in this order:

  1. The theme attribute on the specific tag
  2. The theme attribute on a tag's surrounding form tag
  3. The page-scoped attribute named "theme"
  4. The request-scoped attribute named "theme"
  5. The session-scoped attribute named "theme"
  6. The application-scoped attribute named "theme"
  7. The struts.ui.theme property in (defaults to xhtml)

See "Can I change theme on a per-page basis" page for using scoped "theme" attribute.


  • To override an entire form's theme, change the "theme" attribute of the form. (Convenient for using the ajax theme for specific forms, for example.)
  • To support user-selected themes, set the theme in the user's session.
  • To change the theme for the entire application, modify the
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  1. The link under "Tips" is defective.

  2. Correction:

    1. The application.ui.theme property in (defaults to xhtml)

    should be:

    1. The struts.ui.theme property in (defaults to xhtml)