WebWork rocks! We use it for our Bug Tracking and for several of our clients. We have moved several sites from Struts to WebWork. I love it. Another site we work with for Survey Software is also moving off of Struts to WebWork. Everything is easier in WW, especially with the power of Interceptors!!!

Again... another site in 1 week with Site Mesh and WebWork. Its a blog community site. The one I manage... being a cyclist is the Cycling Community

Mike Porter, Architect, eSage Group

Two years ago we dediced to use WebWork instead of Struts because of it's technical superiority and it proved to be an excellent decision. WebWork is successfully used by productive customer applications running with WebLogic and Tomcat. A major project will be migrated to the newest XWork/WebWork versions in the next 6 months. Besides it's technical advantages, XWork/WebWork has a smart and extremely skilled developer team and a healthy community.

Lars Fischer, Project Manager, Compudata AG Switzerland

WebWork is a very versatile web framework. After using solutions ranging from home-grown to Struts, WebWork is truly a breath of fresh air. XWork/WebWork not only used advanced techniques and technology, but brought concepts to the table that actually made development easier. These include built-in IOC, easy to use Spring integration, and null-property handling, and of course, type conversion.

I'm definitely looking forward to utilizing the newest features in my future projects. Keep up the good work!

Jay Bose, Sr. Engineer, Notiva Corporation

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