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(tick) These are the notes for the Struts 2.2.1 distribution.

(tick) For prior notes in this release series, see Version Notes

  • If you are a Maven user, you might want to get started using the Maven Archetype.
  • Another quick-start entry point is the blank application. Rename and deploy the WAR as a starting point for your own development.
Maven Dependency
Snapshot Repository
    <name>ASF Nexus Staging</name>

Internal Changes

  • XWork was moved to ASF and it's a part of Struts 2 now. With this release the new XWork 2.2.0 is also available! In the future version, the XWork will be merged into Struts 2.
  • XWork Maven artifact is now under <groupId>org.apache.struts.xwork</groupId> - it's Nexus requirement
  • The XWork is using the latest OGNL version 3.0, the OGNL source code repository is hosted at Github
  • Javassist dependency was excluded in OGNL, you must remember to include it, except when you are lunching an application on JBoss server
  • Resolved critical XWork vulnerability, for more details please read CVE-2010-1870: Struts2/XWork remote command execution
  • All the example applications (excluding jboss-blank) are including Javassist dependency
  • The new jboss-blank example application was created to be used with JBoss server - it's excludes Javassist library as such library is already provided with a JBoss server
  • New Freemarker cache options added that should significant improve efficiency during tag rendering - WW-3467, you can read more here Freemarker

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