(tick) These are the notes for the Struts 2.5.29 distribution.

(tick) For prior notes in this release series, see Version Notes

  • If you are a Maven user, you might want to get started using the Maven Archetype.
Maven Dependency

You can also use Struts Archetype Catalog like below

Struts Archetype Catalog
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=http://struts.apache.org/
Staging Repository
    <name>ASF Nexus Staging</name>

Internal Changes

No internal changes


  • [WW-5117] - %{id} evaluates different for data-* and value attribute
  • [WW-5160] - Template not found for name "Empty{name='templateDir'}/simple/hidden.ftl"
  • [WW-5163] - Error executing FreeMarker template

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