(tick) These are the notes for the Struts version 6.1.1 distribution.

(tick) For prior notes in this release series, see Version Notes 6.0.3

Maven users

If you are a Maven user, you might want to get started using the Maven Archetype.

Maven Dependency

You can also use Struts Archetype Catalog like below

Struts Archetype Catalog
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=http://struts.apache.org/
Staging Repository
    <name>ASF Nexus Staging</name>


  • [WW-3529] - NamedVariablePatternMatcher does not properly escape characters
  • [WW-3737] - Parsing of excludePattern breaks regex
  • [WW-4514] - DefaultUrlHelper.buildParametersString appends just ? if collection is empty
  • [WW-5145] - Checkbox with multiple values do not default correctly
  • [WW-5214] - When value for SELECT element is greater than 2147483647, the value does not pre-select
  • [WW-5238] - Strict Method Invocation (SMI) too strict or wrong ActionMapping?
  • [WW-5239] - regression btw struts 2.5.30 and 6.0.30 / submit s:checkbox unchecked -> NPE
  • [WW-5241] - <s:url includeParams="all"> is generating an invalid url when used in conjunction with ExecuteAndWait interceptor
  • [WW-5247] - Related to: [WW-5117] - %{id} evaluates different for data-* and value attribute
  • [WW-5248] - action attribute on submit tag not working as espected
  • [WW-5255] - <s:script> and <s:link> tags are broken

New Feature

  • [WW-4173] - Add option to disable a given interceptor


  • [WW-2815] - No way to configure XStream engine
  • [WW-3691] - BackgroundProcess should use a java.util.concurrent.Executor alternatively to spawning a new thread
  • [WW-3715] - Allow for dynamic validation xml files, by building validator cache based on action AND context
  • [WW-3725] - Remove unused tag templates from core/src/main/resources/template/archive
  • [WW-4440] - Add basic README.md to all subprojects
  • [WW-4567] - Drop unused dependencies or put a proper scope
  • [WW-4692] - Extract encoding logic from UrlHelper into a dedicated bean
  • [WW-5133] - Remove deprecated labelposition
  • [WW-5137] - Remove class attribute
  • [WW-5184] - Add optional parameter value check to ParametersInterceptor
  • [WW-5219] - Move TestNGXWorkTestCase from the Core into the TestNG plugin
  • [WW-5220] - Move XWorkJUnit4TestCase from the Core into the JUnit plugin
  • [WW-5232] - Use Github Actions instead of Travis to build PRs
  • [WW-5234] - Normalise DTD definitions
  • [WW-5235] - Reduce "OGNL Expression Max Length enabled with 256" log entry to trace
  • [WW-5240] - doubleOnchange attribute of the doubleselect tag is not supported
  • [WW-5242] - Make "struts.mapper.action.prefix.crossNamespaces" deprecated
  • [WW-5252] - Completely disable external entities declarations in XML config
  • [WW-5254] - Document how to use the Async plugin
  • [WW-5257] - <s:checkbox> output is followed by a newline in simple theme (diff to Struts 2)
  • [WW-5259] - Extract UrlHelper#parseQueryString into a dedicated plugin
  • [WW-5260] - Checkbox tag default value for attribute submitUnchecked


  • [WW-5213] - Bump javax.el from 3.0.1-b11 to 3.0.1-b12
  • [WW-5226] - Upgrade weld-core to version 2.4.8.Final
  • [WW-5227] - Upgrade Apache Log4j to version 2.19.0
  • [WW-5228] - Upgrade dependency-check-maven from 7.1.2 to 7.2.0
  • [WW-5229] - Upgrade Spring to version 5.3.23
  • [WW-5230] - Upgrade OGNL to version 3.3.4
  • [WW-5231] - Upgrade apache-rat-plugin to version 0.15
  • [WW-5244] - Upgrade commons-text to ver. 1.10.0
  • [WW-5245] - Upgrade jackson-databind to version
  • [WW-5258] - Upgrade Struts Annotation to version 1.0.8

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