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Please make sure you have read the Tag Syntax document and understand how tag attribute syntax works.



For more details on using resource bundles with Struts 2 read the localization guide.




{snippet:id=exdescription|lang=none|javadoc=true|url=org.apache.struts2.components.Text} {snippet:id=example|lang=xml|javadoc=true|url=org.apache.struts2.components.Text}

Other example

xml <s:text name=""><s:param name="value" value="myMoneyValue"/></s:text>

where the following is in a regular (possibly locale-specific) properties file:{0,number,currency}

For more about formatting text, see


If you wish to use i18n in your tag attributes

This will not work:

xml <s:textfield name="lastName" label="<s:text name="person.lastName"/>" ../>

Instead, you should use the getText() method that you inherit when your Action extends XWork's ActionSupport:

xml <s:textfield name="lastName" label="getText('person.lastName')" ../>
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  1. Actually the syntax proposed is not exact, at least for a button. The following syntax gave me the expected result : <s:submit name="Create" value="%

    Unknown macro: {getText('')}

    " method="prepareCreateDomain"/>