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Xalan PMC Report Information

The Xalan PMC has voted in Steven J. Hathaway as the new chair.

  • David Bertoni is stepping down as Xalan PMC chair.
  • Steven J. Hathaway is now the official Xalan PMC chair.

Apache XML Project is now retired

The XML project was the parent for Xerces and Xalan projects. The historical dependencies of our Java and C++ projects have been re-hosted under our own Xalan TLP directory. The old product releases are still located in the Apache (archives) for Apache XML. New product releases will be submitted to our own Xalan TLP directory. Links on our old website pages (re-hosted) still have access to the archives for historical releases.

Xalan C++ (version 1.11) was released November 2, 2012

  • Binary distributions are available for the Windows platforms.
  • Builds have been confirmed for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, and Solaris platforms.
  • Build has reported successful for OpenBSD 5.1
  • Help is needed for Mac OS X platforms
  • Help is needed for HP-UX platforms.
  • Help is needed for IBM/390 platforms.
  • Help is needed for IBM/AS400 platforms.

Progress is moving forward on a patch release for Xalan-J (Version 2.7.D2).

  • Developers are looking at what features are going to be supported in the next (2.7.2) release.

Added new Wiki page for Xalan Website Maintenance

The page Xalan Web Page Maintenance has been added.

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