August 2007 Report


Development of the StAX implementation picked up again over the summer. Thanks to our student participating in GSoC, Xerces' StAX implementation now has basic XMLStreamReader and filtering support. A Xerces-J 2.9.1 release was recently proposed for September 14th to roll up all of the bug fixes and minor improvements we've made in the nine months since the 2.9.0 release. Hopefully this will include a fix for XERCESJ-589, one of the most popular (8 votes) long standing bugs in JIRA. We've been getting help with this one from the community, as none of the active developers have deep enough knowledge of this part (the regex implementation) of the code or the time to attempt a re-design which would avoid the deep recursion.


We have still not managed to get enough interest from the community to test the new build system on enough platforms to feel comfortable releasing 3.0. There has recently been interest in a 2.8 release with some performance and bug related patches in. Boris Kolpackov has volunteered to be release manager and we aim to release this in the next few weeks. No new committers or significant development.


Nothing in particular to report. Just a few posts to the mailing list. No development activity.

XML Commons

A few improvements and Javadoc fixes were applied to the JAXP 1.3 API code. DOAP files were created/updated for xml-commons-external and the resolver which are now visible on The xml-commons-external-1.2.06 (JAXP 1.2) release is still pending. No other activity to report.

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