August 2012 Report


Our GSoC student (Shakya Wijerama) has been busy working on his project over the summer and will be wrapping that up over the next few weeks.

We're getting more feedback from the community on the XML Schema 1.1 implementation. Several JIRA issues were opened by users of the XML Schema 1.1 code. We've addressed each of the valid ones with fixes.

Some users are asking again for Xerces jars to be deployed to Apache's Maven repository. None of the committers use Maven or have a personal interest in it so this has never become part of our release process. Deployment to the repository has been managed in the past by volunteers from the user community. Expecting new volunteers with an interest in Maven will need to step up for these sorts of requests to be satisfied.

Mailing list traffic has been moderate; about 200 posts on the j-dev and j-users lists since the beginning of May.

No new releases this quarter.


A potential contributor contacted the PMC about making a software grant to the project and is exploring whether that should go through the Incubator. We're still talking.

One minor bug fix was made during the reporting period.

Mailing list traffic has been moderate; about 65+ posts on the c-dev and c-users lists since the beginning of May.

No new releases this quarter.


Nothing in particular to report. There was no development activity over the reporting period.

XML Commons

Enhancements were made to the JAXP QName class in XML Commons External to improve its hash code algorithm.

Aside from a JIRA issue opened against the wrong component, no mailing list traffic to report.

Apache Project Branding Requirements

There's still some work left to do on the TLP website, including adding "TM" to the project logo.

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