August 2016 Report


We have been making slow progress towards a Xerces-J 2.12.0 release. A new contributor and one of the committers have been scrubbing through JIRA to help build the release notes.

Mailing list traffic has been low; roughly 100+ posts on the j-dev and j-users lists since the beginning of June 2016.

No new releases this quarter. The latest release is Xerces-J 2.11.0 (November 30th, 2010).


Xerces-C 3.1.4 was released on June 29th to address a security vulnerability. We have a potential new committer who has been contributing several patches since the beginning of July.

Mailing list traffic has been low; roughly 85+ posts on the c-dev and c-users lists since the beginning of June 2016.

The latest release is Xerces-C 3.1.4 (June 29th, 2016).


Nothing in particular to report. There was no development activity over the reporting period.

XML Commons

There are some broken links on the website that were recently reported. We plan to fix those. Nothing else to report.

Committer / PMC Changes

The most recent committers were added in February 2015 (Xerces-C) and May 2009 (Xerces-J).

No new PMC members since the last report. The most recent addition to the PMC was in June 2016.

One committer has committed changes to SVN since June.

Apache Project Branding Requirements

The project logo still needs a "TM" to be added to it.

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