June 2015 Report


There were a few minor commits in the last three months but it's been fairly quiet on the development front. We are long overdue for a release but need volunteers to help with that.

Mailing list traffic has been low; roughly 40 posts on the j-dev and j-users lists since the beginning of March 2015.

No new releases this quarter. The latest release is Xerces-J 2.11.0 (November 30th, 2010).


Xerces-C 3.1.2 was released on March 19th, fixing several defects and addressing a security vulnerability.

Mailing list traffic has been moderate; roughly 120 posts on the c-dev and c-users lists since the beginning of March 2015.

The latest release is Xerces-C 3.1.2 (March 19th, 2015).


Nothing in particular to report. There was no development activity over the reporting period.

XML Commons

No activity of the reporting period.

Committer / PMC Changes

The most recent committers were added in February 2015 (Xerces-C) and May 2009 (Xerces-J).

No new PMC members in the last quarter. The last two additions to the PMC were in May 2010.

Three committers committed changes to SVN in the last quarter.

Apache Project Branding Requirements

The project logo still needs a "TM" to be added to it.

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