March 2015 Report


Development activity has been low over the last four months with a few commits for copyright updates and one minor bug fix.

As pointed out on the mailing list, a new release is long overdue but need more folks to volunteer their time to make it happen.

Mailing list traffic has been low; roughly 75 posts on the j-dev and j-users lists since the beginning of November 2014.

No new releases this quarter. The latest release is Xerces-J 2.11.0 (November 30th, 2010).


With the addition of a new committer, development activity increased significantly in February. Many JIRA issues were resolved and preparation began for a new release.

Mailing list traffic has been increasing with roughly 185 posts on the c-dev and c-users lists since the beginning of November 2014.

A release candidate for Xerces-C 3.1.2 was recently made available and a vote is expected soon. The latest release is Xerces-C 3.1.1 (April 27th, 2010).


Nothing in particular to report. There was no development activity over the reporting period.

XML Commons

Some minor activity on the mailing list in the last quarter, including a new JIRA issue (against the XML APIs) which was opened this month.

Committer / PMC Changes

One new committer (Scott Cantor) was added to Xerces-C in the last quarter. The most recent committers were added in February 2015 (Xerces-C) and May 2009 (Xerces-J).

No new PMC members in the last quarter. The last two additions to the PMC were in May 2010.

Three committers committed changes to SVN in the last quarter.

Apache Project Branding Requirements

The project logo still needs a "TM" to be added to it.

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