May 2006 Report


The Xerces-J 2.8.0 was released at the beginning of March. This releaseintroduces several new validation related features and provides enhancements to the XML schema annotation support. Also in March, we added a new committer (Peter McCracken). With the 2.8.0 release out of the way the developers are now beginning to work on JAXP 1.4, including an implementation of StAX (JSR 173). We're hoping to get at least one student involved in the project over the summer through Google Summer of Code.

Xerces-C / P

Xerces P is now pretty much integrated into Xerces C. This gives the advantages of increased oversight (there is only 1 committer on Xerces-P) and a pretty good test suite for Xerces-C. It should also be less work to update P in the future. In addition, we are aiming to produce different SWIG bindings for other languages in future releases.

Work is progressing on the 3.0 release. We are in the stage of ensuring the new build system compiles on a decent number of the supported platforms.

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