November 2008 Report


We continue to make good progress on the XML Schema 1.1 implementation with the help of several volunteers in the community including our former Google Summer of Code student who has decided to continue contributing to the project. A discussion was started on the mailing lists about officially dropping support for JDK 1.2 and possibly requiring Java 1.4 or 5 as the minimum JDK level. From the responses so far the users seem to be on board with us dropping support for JDK 1.2 but not moving further than that at this time. A few minor (mostly schema related) features have been implemented in the last few weeks. Still hoping to have a release before the end of the year.


Following more bug fixes, testing, warning squashing, and documentation updates, Xerces-C++ 3.0.0 was released on the 29th of September. The 3.1.0 release is tentatively targeted for mid 2009. We are also considering releasing 3.0.1 with a few bug and memory leak fixes in the near future.


Still unable to make a Xerces-P 3.0 beta release. Late code changes in Xerces-C broke compilation, which is now fixed, but a number of unit tests are now failing. Most are minor but we have been unwilling to release until we understand the cause of the failure.

XML Commons

There has been some recent activity on the XML Catalog resolver, with a few significant performance improvements made in the last week. In XML Commons External a few bug fixes were applied to the JAXP 1.3 and 1.4 branches. Nothing else notable to report.

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