November 2010 Report


The developers have primarily been focused on completion of the XML Schema 1.1 processor and Schema Component Designators (SCD) support, with significant work done over the last month in integrating support for xs:override and the new complex type restriction rules, as well as making many bug fixes. The SCD and xs:override implementations were developed by our students during GSoC and will be featured as part of our upcoming Xerces-J 2.11.0 release which is currently planned for the end of November. Two of the three GSoC students from this summer are still contributing to the project. One has shown an interest in eventually becoming a committer which is very encouraging.


No development activity during the reporting period except for a couple of bug fixes. Mailing list traffic has been moderate; about 100+ posts on the c-dev and c-users lists since the beginning of September.


There was no development activity over the reporting period and no posts to the p-dev mailing list. Note that Jason Stewart left the project earlier in the year so Xerces-P is currently without a maintainer. Theoretically any of the Xerces-C++ developers could pick this up if they were interested.

XML Commons

A proposal was recently posted to the development mailing list to complete XML Commons' migration out of the XML project and on to the Xerces domain. This includes moving the website, download area, mailing lists, bug tracker (Bugzilla to JIRA) and SVN location. If no one objects to the plan we would start the process of moving things over in the next few weeks / months. It has otherwise been quiet the last 3 months, with a few minor commits and one user query about upgrading to a newer XML Commons External (i.e. XML APIs) release.

Apache Project Branding Requirements

These have been acknowledged but for the most part have not been assessed yet, though can confirm at this time that the project site is up at, has many of the required links and that up to date DOAP files exist for each of the sub-projects and their components. Updates to the website to meet any outstanding requirements will occur gradually.

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