General Comments

Keiron Liddle has left the PMC due to his lack of time to attend to XMLGraphics matters. He has a standing invitation to rejoin at any time should he become active again. No new committers. No new PMC-level issues. The project continues to suffer from the "no longer a hype" problem, i.e. user interest is high, contributor interest rather low.

XML Graphics Commons

Addition of a small XMP framework (Adobe's eXtensible Metadata Platform) used primarily by FOP to support the PDF/A and PDF/X standards, but possibly useful stand-alone once it is extended a little.


The big news is the addition of an animation engine for Batik. Besides that there's the usual bugfixing and the occasional feature to be added. No releases since the last report but a new release is coming in sight with animated SVG available. Batik still has a few administrative tasks to resolve until the next release (new license policy etc.).


A lot of bugfixing has happened further stabilizing the new code. New features added include support for PDF/A-1b and PDF/X-3:2003 PDF profiles and page-number-citation-last (the latter from XSL 1.1). No code was released during the past three months, but a stable release is on the radar. However, it won't be version 1.0. For that a few features have been identified to be missing.

Our two GSoC students are implementing "float" support and support for auto table layout.Code implementing before-float support has been committed into a branch; the side-float case is being investigated on a Wiki page. Both projects will make an important addition to FOP's feature set.

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