General Comments

No project-level issues at the moment.

XML Graphics Commons

XML Graphics Commons 1.2 has been released in July. Traffic on the mailing list is still low but there have been a few bug reports/patches.


No releases this quarter. Not much development lately, the committers have been busy. We've had two Google Summer of Code students working on Batik, though: Ivan Andjelkovic, who worked on improving the DOM Viewer window, and Jasleen Singh, who worked on an error console window and an animation timeline viewer window. The coding period for GSoC has now finished, and the two students are working on fixing some remaining bugs and cleaning the code up so that it can be committed to the repository.


FOP 0.94 has been released on August 24, 2007. Business as usual including the preparation for the release. There was some discussion to bring in a wanted feature (auto table layout) via a "bounty system" which has generated some interest but no action has been taken yet.

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