General Comments

There are no issues that require Board attention. Developer activity has gone up, due to release activities and work on Color. Jeremias is working on color in all three subprojects. Contributed patches are still not processed in a timely manner anymore.

XML Graphics Commons

Version 1.4 was released.


There have been practically no changes on the codebase in the last three months. User list activity has gone down a bit but questions are mostly getting answers.


Version 1.0 was released. Because we finally decided to bump the version number to 1.0, we gave this release some special attention. In cooperation with the PMC, Sally Khudairi prepared a press release at short notice, which was released at OSCON.

In addition to the work on color, Vincent is working on Truetype fonts in PostScript. User list activity has become just a bit lower than last quarter. No big changes there.

Deployment to Maven repository

The build processes of XML Graphics Commons and FOP produce Maven bundles, but no member of the teams runs Maven, so that we are not able to deploy the bundles to the Maven repository. A call for help on the members mailing list has so far not resulted in successful deployment.

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