One new PMC Member; Glenn Adams

Moving to CMS based websites

Clay Leeds has done some more work on a prototype website based on the CMS. However, we're not yet ready to make the switch. I am hopeful that this will come together in the next quarter. If not then we will have to assign further resources to this task.


FOP made its first release in 2 years; v1.1rc1 which is a release candidate. Glenn Adams prepared the release and we are collecting feedback from the user community. We plan to release v1.1 final after a few weeks and any reported severe bugs have been fixed. Meanwhile patches continue to come in from contributors and committers continue to work on new features. Since the v1.1 branch, trunk has seen changes including a new API to increase compatibility of FOP for cloud based environments. Users continue to report issues and ask questions on the user mailing list and the committer team continue to answer their questions.

The FOP committer team have recently agreed to create Bugzilla entries for every significant change. Previously the agreed practice was to update status.xml for each change, but it is felt that using a Bug Tracking System will give a better paper trail for anyone wanting to understand why a change was implemented in the future.

XML Graphics Commons

Contributor Luis Bernardo contributed a patch containing some new PNG Image Loaders that are more efficient than the existing loaders. Work is underway on URI resolution in the XGC library to give users more strict control of file access and resource acquisition for the cloud environment.


Activity has increased since the last quarter. 2 committers processed a couple of bugs and made some commits to SVN.

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