The Apache XML Graphics Project is responsible for software intended for the creation & maintenance of the conversion of XML formats to graphical output & related software components.

Issues for the Board

No issues at present.


Last new committer: Matthias Reischenbacher on 2015/05/12

Last new PMC member: Andreas Delmelle on 2015/07/10


6 commits to SVN this quarter. Some commits were related to the release, and some were to fix Findbugs warnings

v2.0.1 was released on 3rd June

The latest release is 2.0.1 (3 June 2015)


55 separate commits to SVN. These are mostly bug fixes (including a couple of patches from the community); but also includes support for PCL Soft Fonts. The community has also resumed work on implementing Change Bars. The FOP User list has a slow but steady stream of questions being raised and answered; 103 e-mails in total.

v2.0 was released on 3rd June

The latest release is 2.0 (3 June 2015)


6 separate commits to SVN. 2 were bug fixes, 1 was to address a problem with build scripts, and the remainder were related to the 2 releases. 18 messages to the user mailing list

Batik v1.6.1 was released on 11th May Batik v1.7.1 was released on 11th May

The latest version is 1.8 (17 March 2015)

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