General Comments

We have created and voted for a charter for the project. Please find it attached. (Don't forget!!!)

Most infrastructure is now set up.

PMC arrivals, departures

No changes. Initial PMC list is still valid.

Issues needing attention:

  • The Xerces people have a project charter draft which contains special sections about handling contributions. We mostly copied from their charter draft but removed these sections. We think this is something which has to be defined and communicated at ASF-level.


No new releases, however the number of bug fixes is reaching critical mass so a bug fix release (1.5.2) is likely in the near future.

Initial support for SVG 1.2 has been added to Batik (only activated for documents that indicate 'version="1.2"').

Several Memory leaks have been fixed.

Significant (10x!) performance increase for Mac OS X, really makes Batik useful on Macintosh for the first time.


No releases. However, we will likely be able to start releasing again this year with the current rate of progress.

The new layout engine is constantly growing and improving:

  • Creation of a regression test framework and tests.
  • Improvements in line and block layout.
  • Full support for Block Containers has been implemented.
  • Markers have been fully implemented.
  • Text-decoration has been fully implemented.
  • Background images has been implemented.
  • List labels and indenting has been implemented.
  • The XSL 1.1 working draft is also being looked at and the new bookmark feature has already been implemented replacing a FOP custom extension.
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