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Steady activity rate with bugfixes and improvements. The move of W3C licensed classes to XML Commons Externals has started. The classes are now available in a branch at XML Commons Externals. Batik only has to review the setup and remove its own copies now.

People from Debian documentation and Wikipedia have a big interest in compiling Batik to platform-specific binaries using Gnu/GCJ. A patch that will allow for that is available but has not been applied yet.


FOP is back in business! Two releases: 0.90 alpha 1 (2005-11-23) and 0.91 beta (2005-12-24). Since the first release a lot of bugs have been fixed and some new features added. The quality is quickly approaching the level of the old 0.20.5 release.

We've started the IP clearance process for an AFP renderer (output format implementation) that was developed at SourceForge.

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